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Irish Cement and the CRH Simon Safety €1,000,000 Challenge

May 19, 2009

In July 2007 CRH plc and the Irish Group Companies including Irish Cement joined forces with Simon Communities of Ireland to roll out an ambitious new charity venture. This is an all Ireland initiative and has the potential to contribute up to €1,000,000 towards Simon’s important work in tackling homelessness across the Country.

The Challenge has the added benefit of further improving and keeping focus on the safety at work record of the CRH Group Companies in Ireland. Safety is our Number 1 priority and this project will make real and appreciable difference to our safety record while simultaneously delivering shelter benefit’s to those who need it most.

Irish Cement Ltd will benefit by improving the safety of our employees, contractors and visitors at our locations. The Simon Community will benefit by improved resources for their work with the less fortunate people in our community, enabling them to assist those suffering through drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and other deprivations.

The Challenge is very simple in concept – For each accident free quarter (3 months) achieved by any of the 3 Irish Cement locations a sum of €10,000 will be donated to Simon Communities of Ireland for their use in local projects around Ireland. In the event of a full year accident free for the location a bonus of €10,000 will apply also. Therefore each location has the potential to donate €50,000 in one year giving a potential of €150,000 in contribution’s to Simon from the three Irish Cement locations.

Other separate CRH Group Companies in Ireland are represented by Roadstone-Wood Group, Northstone, Clogrennane Lime, Aerobord and Premier Periclase and will make up the € balance based on the rules of the scheme. Local Company employee representatives will present the donations to their local Simon Communities regionally on a 6 monthly basis. We will post the project progress in our on-line News file in the future.

At the end of the first year in June 2008, a total of €777,022 was contributed to Simon Communities of Ireland by CRH of which €72,500 was contributed by Irish Cement Ltd. With the end of the second year fast approaching it looks like Irish Cement will exceed their previous contribution!


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