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Meet the new team members in Platin (All 40,000 of them!)

October 23, 2020

As part of a new Biodiversity project in Platin, local beekeeper Ed Kirwan has established 7 beehives on a purpose-built hexagonal concrete pad close to the quarry. The area around the quarry is rich in wildflowers and the bees have settled in well. The bees can fly up to 2 kilometres from the hive to find nectar and pollen and in doing so they are important pollinators of crops and native plants. Visiting the hives every 7-9 days has been a challenge with the Covid restrictions but Ed has managed to care for the bees this summer. However, with the very wet weather back in July, beekeepers throughout the country do not expect 2020 to be a good honey year.


Ed Kirwan working with one of the hives in Platin


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